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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Biking the Neighborhood

Since it has been so warm here the last week or so, I've taken to going for a ride on my bike after dinner. The temperatures are usually lower and there is a kind of cool serenity in the air, little traffic and the winds are usually diminished as well...all in all a great time to be riding.
Here's some of the stuff I have been seeing lately:

This was a very skinny green snake that I saw last night. He was catching the last few rays of sunshine on the roadbed of a new development near me. There are no houses yet; just grasses trees and streets. It is actually a great place to ride since there is no traffic at all.

I have seen this fellow many times cruising a few hundred feet above the neighborhood houses. and while it may look like a lot of fun, the thing is noisy and disruptive. No one has any backyard privacy with this guy around!
Another shot of him riding off into the sunset

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Barb said...

Hello, I noticed you on my followers list so came for a visit. Are you from Arkansas? I read through some of your recent posts and see you like many of the same things I do - the outdoors, biking, wildlife, and critters. Hope you're enjoying your holiday weekend. We just returned to the mountains of CO after a 3 week jaunt to the west coast. Still snow here (but, thankfully not much!).