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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lake Fayetteville continuing construction update

Here is the best shot of abundant color that I got from my walk through the trail today, pretty nice with that blue background

Only a few days have gone by since my last post on this, but I thought I'd update the progress being made on the trail extension. The section around the Copperhead Bridge is starting to take form as you can see from the following photos

Here I was walking in a clockwise direction and am approaching the Copperhead Bridge. They have moved the truck to this side of the bridge and added lots of gravel and stone. I think they are preparing for a new bridge that will parallel the old wooden one.

Here is the Copperhead bridge. I was standing exactly in front of the truck shown in the earlier picture

This is taken just after crossing the bridge..you will note that the truck (which was here just days ago) has been replaced by a bunch of new equipment. Also, in the background where the trees with color are is where you can make a little left turn and pick up the original single-track bike trail again.
This is looking back over the bridge to where they have moved the truck.

Here is the original mountain bike single track trail.

Just before I got to the parking lot, I discovered a bunch of grown men playing with these cute remote controlled rock-climbing cars. Well, I guess playing is not the right phrase! It looked like there was a course all laid out and a REAL competition was being held. There was NO levity while I was watching.
If you double click you will see the car trying to climb the huge rock in front of the center man. I don't think he was successful. The green and orange bumps outline the course. Amazing!

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