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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fig Crop

See, given the title you are probably thinking...figs and lots of them; but alas, no. It really is a fig (singular) crop. BUT, one that I am proud of and happy to say was delicious!

This is the second year for these trees and they are abundant with figs...sadly they will need about another three weeks before they could all ripen and the season is DONE now.

Here is the ONLY ripe fig that I have gotten so far this year. I know it doesn't look like much, but it sure was good! What is nice about figs is that when they are ripe they begin to droop and hang down. I makes it easy to tell if they are ready to eat or not.

See, first you make a little slice almost fully across the top and then peel down, continue around the entire fig until all the skin is gone and only white and the insides are visible. check the inside for insects before eating...ants love these things!

This was incredibly sweet and juicy!


Chuck said...

Do you eat the ants for protein?

whalechaser said...

Well, Chuck, YOU certainly could; might try a little drizzle of chocolate...but it wouldn't be a very Buddhist thing to do.