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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bad Hair Day

I've been using a national chain to get my hair cut for the last year or so. It's because I travel so much, I am usually not in my familiar home territory when the need arises. Most times it is an at least acceptable job but once in a while...well, it leaves something to be desired.

So I discovered a location even closer to me here in Wauconda than the one I had been using in Lake Zurich so I went there. The sign outside said "No Wait".

It was true, she took me instantly. I like that. I told her to just clean it up a little, shape it but make it about a half inch shorter. Ok, she said. I was a little concerned when she started at the very front on my head; usually they start somewhere at the crown, but hey, I am not in that business. It looked like she took a little too much on the first SNNNIIPPP, but maybe I was mistaken. (Mental note to self: If you are ever worried at the first snip; get up and leave.)

She continued to cut getting a swatch of already cut hair mixed with some that needed cutting and worked her way around. Just the way they all do. I could see it was too short, but that happens sometimes, nothing to get all worked up about. Then she took the electric clipper to get the straggly hairs on the back of my neck (you know, the ones that are practically invisible...yeah, those.) So, I thought she would remove the cape and we would be done, BUT NO.

Then she took the clipper and a comb and randomly combed what little was left of my hair away from my head and zapped it with the clipper. I am mentally wondering now why she wanted everything to be cut evenly, when she is making it look chopped now. This goes on for a bit and I am thinking to myself...maybe I should just go home and buzz cut the whole thing; at least it will all grow out together. FINALLY, it looks like she is done. Yes, she is; she puts the clipper down and steps back from the chair. My heart is sinking.

The manager, who is working at the next chair comes over to look at my cut. She makes a face, grabs the scissors and starts to make it even, working over the entire haircut...it is really short now. She is making faces and clipping away. There is only about 3/4 of an inch left; when will this end. Just a little more and she too, is finished.

I pay and leave. In the car a take a glance at it and I am horrified to see everything is just standing straight up. Why? Because it is too short to fall gently and create a nice layered look. No, it looks like I have just seen a ghost! Well, this is one place I won't go back to, ever.

Oh, you want a picture? Uh..uh. here it is.

I may never remove my biking helmet.

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Goldenrod said...

You and I BOTH ****** well know, Whale, what it takes to get our hair cut (wearing it short) ... cute tale, well-written, but YOU DIDN'T GET ME THIS TIME!!!! Ha! Double ha!!