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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Terry Fator...LIVE

Tonight Chuck and I went to see Terry Fator, the 2007 winner of America's Got Talent. He is a ventriloquist as well as a great impersonator/singer. We found out that he has also written 10 songs, one of which he sang for us: Are there Horses in Heaven. Very sad and touching song which is set to be released soon.

He did at impersonations/ventriloquist of at least twenty different singers and several impersonation songs. It was a very well done show and the time went by way too quickly. Some things I learned: his sister is disabled and makes sock puppets, which he sells at his shows and the funds are used for her support. We saw one on stage and it was very nice. He will be releasing a DVD soon with the ten songs that he has written and performed. He has also written an autobiography which should be released in December. I, for one, can't wait.

If you have the opportunity to see his show, I highly recommend it. OH, and this is important, you CAN bring a camera and take all the pictures you like. We got the tickets through Ticketmaster and were told no pictures were allowed.

Silly us, we believed them and did not bring a camera. So if you get he chance to go, DO by all means bring a camera and take all the pictures your little heart desires. He is a real guy and he understands a fans devotion.

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