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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cat Training

Yes, it looks as though I have had some hidden talents that are only now coming to light...cat training. Chuck has a beautiful cat that is about 6 years old. She is a cat; one that is independent and feisty at times. Anyway, she likes to sit on my chair and watch whenever I do anything that is food related.
The other day she was going crazy when I was putting a salad together. I was using baby spinach at the time so I thought I would discourage her behaviour by offering her a piece of spinach.

She went nuts, couldn't get enough. Kept coming back for more...and more....and some more! Well, you'd think I was giving her bacon or something!

I know this is going to sound weird, but she also (most of the time) comes when I call her. It must be the result of having dogs most of my life!


Kasia said...

Good to know M&M likes her spinach! My male cat likes greens too. He once ate -- then promptly regurgitated -- an entire beet leaf. I think sometimes, they just need the roughage.

Goldenrod said...

Of course she comes when you call her - you give her treats! Do you talk to her, too? Does she understand what you say? Some cats do - most don't.