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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hikin' the horse trails

We met Patti and Dave to get in one more hike before a predicted 6 to 7 inch , maybe more, snowfall for tomorrow.

It felt cold at the start but before long I found the weather to be quite comfortable. We saw over 50 deer and one coyote. I got a picture but you really have to search for the little fella.
Here is the first buck of the season
the coyote is in this one, double click and look between the two left trees

We were walking through the pines section of trail and it smelled so good...
Now...where was this pile of wood when I had my woodburning fireplace. What is it doing out here in the middle of the forest? No fires allowed here...

Afterward we went to a new place: J J Twiggs for soup and pizza buffet! All of them were good and then there were those peanuts on the table for those who still had room and no discipline when it comes to throwing the shells on the floor!

Mexican, pepperoni, sausage and plain old cheese...MMmmummm good.

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