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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Romdraculas -- Firenze

An odd title for a blog post I know, but it marks another of the miraculous and fabulous days that I spent in Florence, Italy this year.

 The background story...it was the last day of my Sierra Club trip. We had already hiked over seven miles in a small village, ridden many miles back to Florence and now we were all set loose to go and see whatever we wanted with our last few hours of the program. I latched on to two other single women and toured the Duomo Museum and then munched a sandwich while we decided what to see next. Our decision was confounded some because it was the last day of the 'Big Bicycle Race' and it was ending right here in Florence. Just as an aside, I think it was pretty amazing that several days before when we were in Lucca, Italy, it was the beginning of the Big Bicycle Race. It was like we interlaced our trip around it and it followed us like a bad dream, creating traffic issues and detours all around. 

But we agreed that we would go see Santa Croce. It was another cathedral, and Lord knows I had already seen plenty of them on this trip, but she was insistent that this one was special and so I tagged along. She was right it was special..it contains the crypts of too many to list dignitaries and famous departed folks. But that for me wasn't the best part. Here is the best part.

As we walked across the Piazza to the cathedral I heard this fabulous music. It just overtook me. It was being performed by a group named Romdraculas and was just so delightful that I bought the only 2 cds they had for sale. I would have gotten more if they had them. They were that good. So her is my gift to you. They have some of it right here on you tube for you to enjoy. So go on, listen, close your eyes and pretend you too, are in the Piazza. Ah just sublime! 


The Paddle Dude said...

I also saw and heard Romdraculas quite by accident as we stopped in one of the piazzas to rest a spell. It was perfect - the afternoon was winding down into evening, the weather ideal and the music by this talented trio was wonderful. I dropped a few Euros into the fiddle case and then bought the only CD they had. If they'd have had more, I would have bought them as well. Now as I listen to them via my I-Tunes, memories of our trip to Italy in 2012 flood my mind.

The Paddle Dude said...

Romdraculas - a total enhancement of a wonderful trip to Italy.

Unknown said...

I loved them on my most recent trip. I've been struggling to find the name of this piece of music. Does anyone who has the cd know what it is?