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Friday, May 17, 2013

Cane Creek State Park...Finally

The original plan was to stop here and enjoy the 15 miles of single track biking trails back in 2010 when I was returning from my Habitat for Humanity trip to Lafayette, Louisiana, but since that episode ended in my fracturing a vertebra I had to opt for plan B and return home to recuperate. Well, now I am back and ready to take on the trails both single track and the kayak trail in the lake.
I picked a really good time to visit mid-spring when it wasn't buggy nor too hot. This is my first attempt at single track riding since both the accident resulting in back injury and my bout with lung cancer...but never one to give up, here I am giving it all I got.
Maybe I tried too soon. Maybe I should have waited until the day after I arrived. It did take 7 hours to get here, then there was the tent setting up etc.
Anyway, I thought I would try with the short trail first and then on another day to the 15 miler and enjoy the three suspended bridges. But that was not to be. I mixed up the trails and tried the 15 miler first...only doing about 4 when I absolutely had to turn back. It was too much for me, could've been the heat, or the humidity (or the humility!) but whatever, after several rests I made it back to the car and decided it is too soon for this sort of thing.
And...I never got to see the suspended bridges, so I guess I will have to make another trip once I am a little stronger.
The second day I tried the kayak trail through the swamps and all around the lake and that was a much better experience for me. What a lovely experience, I practically had the lake to myself...except of course for the beavers, turtles, osprey and multitudes of fish that I scared away! This was one kayak experience that I didn't want to end.

...And I can't let my followers down without a food picture! I brought along some pre-cooked and frozen meals to enjoy in the wilderness.  Here is a little chicken curry which was delightful on my second day here.
What would a camping trip be without a couple of hot dogs and beans? This was dinner the first night and it was incredibly enjoyable!

The third day surprised me with significant rain, so I had to leave sooner than I had planned.
I can't wait to get back here when I am a little stronger and try that 15 mile single track around the lake.  Those suspended bridges are calling me!

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