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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eye Buy

A couple of weeks ago I was watching Dr OZ and as always I came away with something useful. I mean REALLY useful; that is for those of us who wear glasses. He was pushing this website that makes eyeglasses and interestingly enough it is named Eye Buy Direct , Com. I quickly jotted down the URL and kept watching.

I was not really ready for an eye exam (so I thought) since my last one was only about 14 months ago, but I got to thinking about the savings and after going to the website a few times, decided to get the exam and my new prescription so I could get lots and lots of new glasses for really cheap! I did my homework by making sure I got all the measurement information I needed from my optometrist so the glasses I selected would be right for me. In particular...something they call the pupiary distance...that is the distance between your pupils. This is easily obtained when you get your exam.

I did have a little difficulty getting the right length for the side pieces of the glasses and if I had it to do over again, I would probably call them before I placed my order, just to be sure I get the right stuff.

So anyway I thought I would show you the comparison of what I got the last time when I went to a National eyeglass chain and what I got when I ordered from EyeBuyDirect.com.

Take a look:

From the national chain I got one pair of sunglasses and one pair of progressive lenses. Standard quality. No, wait, the sunglasses fell apart and they charged me $35 to get them replaced, since I was within a year of purchase. They need adjustment at least once a year, that is free since I bought them there. Price for the package: $ 452.00

From EyeBuyDirect: I got one pair of reading glasses, one pair of progressive lenses and clip-on sunglasses for them. I had to go to a local eyeglass store to have them adjusted properly; I went to a new place that did not charge me for either of the new glasses shown above, nor for adjusting the sunglasses that I purchased from the national chain a year or so ago.
Price for the package: $127.00

Oh, I forgot to add...each pair of glasses arrived in its own little box, with a rigid eyeglass case and wrapped in an eyeglass cleaner cloth. Those cloths are a few bucks each at the local National chain store.

Now for the bad news...
In getting my eyes examined it was discovered that the cataract condition I have is a rather fast moving one; something they call posterior subcapsular cataracts. In English it means that very soon I will need cataract surgery or I will no longer be able to drive at night. This was quite a shock for me since the first mention of these was last year, I felt pretty sure I could make it till I was old enough to have medicare help me pay for it. That will not happen. I am seeing an eye surgeon in a couple of weeks to put the plan in place.

Wouldn't you know it, I find this great eyeglass place and after I have the surgery, I won't need them anymore....HA!

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