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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cold Snap!!!

The last few days have brought severe weather changes around here, too much for me to keep up with for my backyard wildlife. I guess I didn't think it would be flooding and then freezing in a matter of hours. Many have suffered and sadly...many have died. I am trying to make things a little better for these folks though
First, I looked out on Thursday morning to see about a hundred worms on my patio. They were there because we had so much rain that they we drowning in the grass! It was cold but not freezing, so I gathered them up and

gently put them on this dish so I could replace them to the grass before it gets so cold they will freeze to death. It seemed to work...they had several hours before the temperatures plummeted to the twenties

These sparrows seem to be complaining to me...what was the point of getting a heated bird bath IF YOU DON'T PLUG IT IN??????? They don't know about the complications of three way plugs into two-way timers. I will get it fixed though. After much trying with several extension cords I think all I really need is an outdoor timer. That should have a three-way plug...which is what I need on both ends.

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Barb said...

You are definitely a better woman than I! Once, though, when I was finishing my Master's degree, I did have a "worm farm" as part of a science class project...
PS Thanks for the eye glass info in your former post.