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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Non-Animal Entrees at the Fair

I was surprised to see some of the non-animal entries at the fair. Two in particular are worthy of note. First, was a demonstration of creativity with scraps of metal and I have to tell you, I spent quite a few minutes looking at the Grand Champion winner. This is really something!

Actually, it was positioned behind some fencing and since the day was warm there was a fan blowing right on the piece and toward the lady sitting just behind it. That made the ribbons fly all over. I was trying to get a picture of the ribbons facing me so they could be seen on the blog...not an easy task. After some struggle, a man walked in and saw me fiddling with the ribbons. Then he took an extension gadget out of his pocket, reached through the fencing and held the bottom of the ribbon so I could take the shot. I did and thanked him very much. He said I must be very proud of my grandson and what is his name? I told him I had no idea, I had no grandson and that I was just admiring the workmanship. He looked bewildered.
I was bewildered when I got home and found out that I did not get the shot of him holding the ribbon for me, but one of the others I got previously was OK.

In a different section of the same building was another fenced off section that demonstrated creativity with table-setting. This was not just two forks a few plates and a knife and spoon. No. This was all of that PLUS the THEME. The theme could be anything, beach, picnic, holiday, birthday, camping out etc. I selected this one because the theme was my favorite food: Italian.

Of course what fair would be complete without some of this

It was really difficult to pick from all the gorgeous entires that were on that shelf.

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