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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vegas Baby

I have just about recovered from my whirlwind trip to Las Vegas. I met my cousin at the airport in Vegas and we proceeded to indulge in sensory overload for the next three days! It was such fun showing her stuff that was beyond description. She kept wondering what I meant by sensory overload...but by the time we headed for our return flights..she knew exactly what I meant! It is just too much stuff all at once. Fun to do and good when it's over!

Here are some shots that I got while there
I got this one while walking through the Forum shops of Caesar's Palace...the spiral staircase is an escalator...I have never seen an escalator that could curve around the way this did. It is truly amazing!

our room at the Rio Hotel...pillow-top beds and feather comforters...who could want for more?

We saw the Liberace Museum with its 21 pianos, many cars and many more glittery outfits. It is a place I always wanted to visit and finally got to! It was well worth the effort to see the detail of his costumes...mostly hand done and way more detailed and elegant than any of Elvis'. They were really over the top!

I caught a couple of the Blue Man Group hanging out in the atrium of the Venetian. I thought it was very nice of them to pose with me!

Did my cousin have a good time? Yeah....I think so!

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Chuck said...

Looks like fun! Glad you two gals had a chance to spend the time together.