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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Some Things I ike to Do

Ok, I will admit it...the basis for the post has been stolen and modified from several others that I follow. I think it is a good idea though. Find five things that you like to do, see, experience or cherish, I think you are getting the gist of it. Here are five things that really give me a oneness feeling (I think that translates into makes me feel good!)

1. Looking up from the kitchen window to see a bluebird check out the new nest box I hung on the opposite fence just for her! She keeps checking and checking..I wonder should I furnish the thing...you know install electricity and running water?

2.Looking up into the clear sky as evening approaches and drinking in the blue...the blue that is medium dark blue for only up to five minutes and stars begin to appear.

3. Finding a voicemail on the phone that I never heard ring and hearing..."Hi...this is your cousin from...."

4.Watching a movie that with a good story line and a lot of compassion that has that one scene that seems to speak only to me and confirms that life is indeed a good thing.

5.Finding a surprise I love you card in the mailbox!

Ok...now it's your turn.

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