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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dig This

So I was reading this book about a minister who is administrating the construction of a hospital-nursing home. In addition to many items that are going on, he takes it upon himself to go to the site (which is in a hilly area) and steps to the edge of the deeply dug hole to look into it while the construction equipment is digging away. The construction manager comes over and gives him what for...

It somehow reminded me of DIG THIS, don't ask me why. Watch the video--this is really so cool. A place where one (male or female) can go and have access to the REAL earth moving equipment on ten acres of land meant for digging.

You can dig as much as you like, earth move, flatten, trench etc in the only heavy duty equipment play area in the world. Imagine it caterpillars excavator, D5G and Skid Loader as playtoys for a day.

You get to rearrange the sandbox on YOUR TERMS!

The place is located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Actually, it is not too expensive...one hour with instructor and the dozer or excavator of your choice for $200. I've seen other less exciting tours for the same or more!
OK, I know, I have WAAAY too much time on my hands ;-)

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