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Friday, April 18, 2008

Elgin to South Elgin Fox River Trail

We met Patti and Dave and Marlene and Len and biked the Elgin to South Elgin Fox River Trail today, for a total of 21 miles. The terrain was varied. At the start it was mostly flat, but we came to a spur that took us across the river to Tyler Creek Park which was mostly rolling hills; when we returned to the main trail and discovered beautiful flowers in profusion

Later we passed the downtown section of Elgin we came to an area that we affectionately called the roller coaster since it went for about two miles and was all up and down. For those who could get enough momentum on the downs...the ups were pretty easy. The rest of us had to peddle like mad. The weather could not have been any better at 72 degrees and overcast; so not too hot or cold.

This is the start of that section heading south

Once we got going we saw how high the river was and agreed that a few more days of rain will create a bit of havoc, since it is about as high as it can get before flooding into the houses that abut the riverbanks.

When we skirted the Elgin Symphony Orchestra building we saw that most of the bike trail was under water and headed for higher ground and the streets where necessary.

We topped off the trip with a meal at one of my favorite restaurants: Benedicts. I had the Boca Benedict platter. this is eggs Benedict with a dash of guacamole, fresh spinach, tomato wheels with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. The combination of flavors was divine. I also ordered a side of their delicious bacon and shared it with Chuck. Guzzled about three cups of great coffee and I was set for the rest of the day.

But now that is is getting a little later that blueberry pie from yesterday is calling my name

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