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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

And Speaking of Grass

Everybody around me has mowed their grass already this year. It is still brown and not likely to really need mowing for a while, but since I got my mower serviced, I firgured I'd get out there and "git er done".
The temps were fine and it didn't seem like work at all.

Before that we were out riding the neighborhood again and found this gravel road that crosses a brook. After all the rain we had yesterday it was a bit flooded. I took advantage and acted like a kid again....Whee....
The sudden break in the concrete that was a muddy puddle was quite a challenge, but I managed not to crash!

Then it was off to Red Lobster again for another lobster tail and this time some shrimp.

They have dessert call the Wave, that is really yummy!

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