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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On the Road -- Columbia Gorge, Oregon

My on the road trip continued to the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, National Scenic Area.  We had a great tour guide, a geologist from the local university.  He sprinkled the tour information with plenty of geology talk and (surprisingly) humor.

Here we were looking down on the beautiful Gorge, it is easy to understand how this became  the first planned scenic highway in the United States.
 I could not pass up the opportunity of taking a photo of this artist and his rendering of the Gorge.  I think he did a pretty nice job.  I wanted to take lots of shots, but settled for just this one.  I somehow felt even this was an invasion of his privacy.
 Then it was on to Multnomah Falls, just a little further down the river.  It is almost impossible to get a shot of the entire falls in one photo.  They are that tall....620 feet from its origin on Larch Mountain.  It is the second tallest year round waterfall in the country.
 We had to hurry to catch the Amtrak Cascades train to Seattle.  This was one of the most enjoyable train rides I have ever taken.  Very classy.
Next stop...Seattle, Washington; stay tuned.

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