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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Vegas, Baby!

Anyone who knows me, knows I couldn't come all this way and not spend some time in Las Vegas.  I actually tried to get a hotel on the strip but the prices were just crazy, I don't know what was going on in town that week but I was not about to pay those crazy prices.  They forced me to go elsewhere and I am really glad they did, because I never would have tried the Suncoast Hotel and Casino if I wasn't pushed into it!

I am a little surprised that I spent three days there and did not get any food pictures, nor casino pictures, I barely got a decent shot of my room. I may have to go back and make amends for my shortcomings!

I did eat at almost all the restaurants there and was very pleasantly surprised with the excellent quality and reasonable pricing; the Mexican restaurant, in particular, served Carne Asade that was exceptionally good and less than $10.00, pretty amazing.

This is looking out of my room, right to the golf course and beyond to  the mountains.  The view is much better than anything on the strip in my opinion!

It was a suite with a King bed, a huge TV and a separate living room area...way more than was needed for little ol' me.
I took one of the beautiful days to see the Red Rock Canyon,  and discovered that you really need more than a day or two here.  So many beautiful trails...some pretty strenuous, others not too much.  Definitely on my to do list next time...
So here is the REAL reason I stayed at the Suncoast, it was only a few miles from Trader Joes!  So I went in and got my fix of coffee, two buck chuck (which is now three bucks!) dunkers and a few other essentials

All in all, I have to say my visit to Vegas was very enjoyable!

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Kitchen Gypsies said...

Have a wonderful New Years celebration! May 2012 be the best yet :)