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Sunday, October 16, 2011

To Know or Not to Know

Suppose there was something big, really big...life-changing in fact, about to happen --- but the outcome could go several ways.

Would you want to know?

If you thought you were powerless to affect it in any way; would you still want to know?

Would you run to a psychic to see what they might offer you in the way of comfort?

Would you poke your head in the sand and plug along, waiting for the inevitable?

How about running away and pretending it just can't happen to you?

Would you busy yourself shoveling sand from one pile to another?

Would you let your imagination run wild with anticipated ecstasy or pain?

Would knowledge help?  Could you learn as much as you can about suspected change and how it could affect your life?

Would you change everything in your current world in anticipation of it?


Would you just enjoy life as it is and enjoy what you have up until it changes?

Just curious...


Barb said...

Gosh - this is thought provoking. I've never really yearned to know the future beforehand. How we handle change and challenge seems to be affected so much by the present moment. I guess I'd just want to enjoy the present until I had to make a different decision/plan. By the way, reading through your posts, I see you have a Briar Rose Restaurant there in AK - we have one here in Breckenridge, too - kind of an upscale dinner place. Have a great Sunday!

Colette Amelia said...

This is indeed a thought provoking question. the challenge is always having the ability to change with the circumstances...coping while not crumbling. Every circumstance brings out different challenges and how would prepare for the randomness of fate?

nice to meet you I hope you are coping well with your challenge.