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Thursday, September 8, 2011

One Great Whale Story

I saw this at Dawg Run and had to copy it here.  It is after all, "right up my alley"  thanks Dawg Run for informing me about this incredible story!  You will feel fabulous after seeing this, I promise.

An Amazing Story Worth 8 Minutes of Your Time


Arkansas Patti said...

Aw, so sorry but my VERY slow computer speed makes videos unbearable. Those 8 minutes would last about 20 of constant jerking. Someday I will get a grown up ISP.

whalechaser said...

Hey Patti,
don't know where in Arkansas you are, but the local library usually has internet access that is fast and all the other stuff.
This is worth watching if you find yourself in the library. These guys actually saved a humpback whale from certain death.