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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So this is Cataract Surgery

Yesterday I went in for cataract surgery. They do one eye at a time and they started with the left one. They promised that I would be able to see the same day. That is true but I really can't see details very well.

You would think with that great big pupil, I'd be able to see everything, but no. Stuff was very cloudy the first day and now that I am into my second day, it has gotten better but I would not think about driving just yet. I can almost feel it getting better by the minute but then I get bouts of scratchiness and discomfort. I can sense that when it is all healed that I will be seeing better than I did before with my glasses.

Wow, look at those circles...I think I need more sleep!

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Nancy and Vijay said...

How are you feeling now?