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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You Gotta Love Technology

Wow, today has turned out to be quite amazing for me.

During my first 21 years I counted it out once and discovered that I had moved 19 times. 19 TIMES!!!!! Well as a result of that I learned how to move. I also learned that when you move that often it is really hard to have any friends. At one point I did live in the same city for about five years; not in the same place but the same city. That allowed me to have a friend. That was when I was finishing up grade school and starting high school.

And then it was all over...I moved far enough that the friendship ended. Sure we tried writing letters to each other, but we were kids and I guess letters just don't cut it. When I realized that we had really lost touch I tried everything I could think of to try and find her, but without success. So there was always this empty space where my friend should have been. I always hoped I would somehow find her...don't ask how, I think I was looking for divine intervention here.

As the years rolled by I would look in phone books where ever I happened to be living hoping that I might stumble upon her name. No. The old addresses that I had were useless and so I had to accept the loss of my best friend.

Then came technology, I have Googled her name countless times...nothing. Then a couple of months ago I got a spam email from Classmates. I went there and searched for her. I found a name that might have been her; I sent an email, but heard nothing back. Weird. Today I tried searching for her in Facebook (it is a pretty popular site) and hoped that something might turn up. I wasn't expecting anything since I had already done this several times over the last couple of years. But TODAY, I found her!!!!

Can you believe it? 50 years later we found each other again! We are so surprised that it really is a kind of a miracle. Technology, you gotta love it!

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