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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What If...

On our way to Florida, we were driving through Alabama; lower Alabama actually. I commented on how really nice it was; rolling hills, green, trees idyllic really. Chuck said yes, Georgia is nice but it doesn't have any Gulf beachfront. This of course prompted some discussion. First was that we were not in Georgia, to which he said we would be soon.

We rode a bit more and then he casually commented if it weren't for the Florida Panhandle, Georgia could have beach on both the Atlantic and the Gulf. Hummnn, nothing like a long drive to get you to thinking. My little brain started percolating and before long I came up with a really novel approach to this situation. Georgia should merge with Alabama; this would achieve the goal of having beaches in both places and ALSO resulting in changing the state name to Geo-Bama. I think it is perfect for the 'times'. Yes, yes, I know we would then have to change old glory back to 49 states but I think it is worth every penny.

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